Dr. Linda Mayo, Chiropractor, Albany CA


Linda Mayo has helped me a lot for many years. During a recent treatment I was reminded of how wonderful her work is. Her hands are warm, strong and subtle. You can feel in her touch all her experience and knowledge. Linda’s presence is healing—she is humble and non-judgmental, with a wry humor and deep compassion. She knows how to pay attention, listen and wait. I feel grateful to have such a practitioner! ~ I.M., Berkeley, California

I am most fortunate to have been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Linda Mayo’s for over 16 years. Dr. Mayo is not only a highly skilled and expert practitioner, but is a gifted healer. She brings focused attention to the gentle manipulations of the body she does to promote deep healing. Dr. Mayo specializes in Cranial-Sacral therapy and is up-to-date on the latest developments in her profession. Besides routine appointments, Dr. Mayo has helped me through many a crisis over the years! Her intuitive grasp of the interaction of physical and emotional issues is exceptional. Dr. Mayo is calm, caring and kind, listens attentively, and is deeply wise. ~Gail Mandella, Berkeley, California

Several years ago, Dr. Mayo guided my recovery from work-related RSI. Within a few months, she and her wonderful team of healers restored full, pain-free functioning to both arms. Not only that, but to my surprise, the healing process allowed me to understand and release many of the underlying emotional issues I’d been carrying at work as well. In contrast, a colleague who suffered a similar computer-related syndrome, but was treated by her M.D., can still barely sit or write, by hand or at the computer, for more than a few minutes, and is still unable to work. However, with the help of simple exercises taught to me by Dr. Mayo and her colleagues, I have been able to quickly manage minor flare-ups on my own. I am able to work full time–although now, I work for myself! I am grateful daily for the gentle care, insight, and genuine, life-changing, healing I received under Dr. Mayo’s care. ~Susan, Richmond, CA